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Q: Do you offer table booking, bottle service, and/or guest list spots?

A: Our wish for Sigurd is for everyone to have the same option to have a great night out. This does not comply with offering people to pay in advance or skip the queue. So, for that reason: No, we do not provide table booking, bottle service, or guest list spots. It is first come, first served, and we urge guests to show up early to avoid the queue and save money on entrance fees.

Q: I plan on bringing a big group of people with me, who do I contact to coordinate and make sure we all get in at the same time?

A: We’re happy to hear that you and your friends want to visit us, but we do not offer options for bigger groups to skip the queue. If you want to party here with all your friends, we suggest you show up early to avoid the queue.

Q: What is the age limit for your venue?

A: All Klubben events have a 21+ age limit, and since Klubben is mainly open during the weekend, this means that on Friday and Saturday, the venue is a 21+ venue. From Wednesday to Thursday, guests under the age of 21 are welcome in Haven and Vinbaren, but remember to bring a valid photo ID if you plan on purchasing alcohol.

Q: I have a friend who turns 21 very soon, but won’t be when we plan on visiting Klubben. Can my friend still go, since they will be 21 years old soon and everybody else in our friend group is 21?

A: As we are a 21+ venue during the weekend, all guests visiting us must be 21 years old. If your friend isn’t 21 years old or older when they plan on visiting us, then we unfortunately won’t be able to allow them entrance.

Q: Do you have a dress code I need to uphold?

A: We don’t believe in dress codes. As long as your private parts are covered and you are comfortable, you are welcome to join us.

Q: I didn’t get all my stuff home with me from the wardrobe the last time I visited you. How do I get them back?

A: Our lost & found crew goes through found items every Tuesday, and you are welcome to email them at If you still have the wardrobe number for your forgotten item, remember to add that to your email, along with a description of the forgotten item in question.

Q: I lost something at your venue. How do I get it back?

A: Our lost & found crew goes through found items every Tuesday, and you are welcome to email them at Please include a description of your lost item.

Q: Can I bring food from outside of Sigurd to the venue?
A: We do not allow guests to enjoy food or beverages from outside of Sigurd, but if you feel hungry, you are welcome to order some food in our wine bar. You can see the menu here (Link to the menu from the /vinbar page).